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25th of July, 2014

Stubby strip’s no stitch up

An article that has appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily …
23rd of June, 2014

Radio interview Brett Gresham with 4GR Big Breakfast
13th of May, 2014
Media Release
28 April 2014
The Stubby Strip…
A world first Australian invention, created by a pioneering Aussie
Australia forged the way with the Hill’s Hoist, Victa Mower and Vegemite, and now following in this pioneering tradition comes another innovative creation…The Stubby Strip!
After recognising a potential business opportunity, Adelaide’s Brett Gresham spent
six months designing and developing this Australian born and bred masterpiece to provide a simple, smart, convenient new way to carry beer and other beverages.
it all started…
Rewind to two years ago when some mates arrived at Brett’s place clutching their warm beers in a range of random ways - one in each hand, plastic bags, a half full cardboard six-pack. There had to be a better way.
That night, Brett sat down at his wife’s sewing machine and The Stubby Strip was born.
Putting his engineering skills to good use, Brett came up with the The Stubby Strip concept for all the times when you just want to have ‘a couple of drinks’ - perhaps you’re driving, watching footy at a mate’s place, or having a family barbie at the park - but don’t want to lug around an esky.
“Designed to carry between one and seven drinks, The Stubby Strip features pockets that safely and conveniently store your beverages while keeping them chilled. Roll it up, fasten it securely with the built in velcro flap, grab the robust handle and you’re on your way. And never again forget to take your stubby holder - there’s a detachable one built in...GENIUS!” said Brett.
The Stubby Strip – a world first Australian invention, created by a pioneering Aussie P.2
Making it a reality…
It’s all very well to have a great idea, but making it a reality is another story. Brett created his first
prototype of The Stubby Strip on a sewing machine at home, and eventually - after many versions
- a working model evolved.
He then sourced durable Neoprene wetsuit material, combed the world for a manufacturer, sorted
out the patent, registered a business name, designed the packaging, created a website, arranged
the postage options and put it on Facebook to see what would happen - and bingo, people love it!
Brett said that while The Stubby Strip was originally intended for beer, it can also accommodate
other drinks such as soft drinks, water bottles, kid’s drinks and cans.
“Also, to keep the drinks frosty, a frozen water bottle can be placed in the middle pocket as a
handy ice pack for the other drinks. Once The Stubby Strip is empty, simply roll it up and stick it in
your pocket,” he added.
Brett said the effort involved in developing a viable idea is well worth it as long as you’re willing to
persist and do the hard yards, listen to what people want, and don’t compromise on quality.
The Stubby Strip has a RRP of $29.95. It is available in five colours - Black, Camouflage,
Blue, Red, and Purple.
News Editors please note: Since launching on Facebook, Brett’s video has gone viral – he
showcases his invention himself in his own legendary, and very personable Australian
way. See Brett’s brief, but impressive video presentation at