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Stubby Strip Mega

Stubby Strip Mega (Join any two Stubby Strips together to create a Stubby Strip Mega!)

How to convert your Stubby Strips into a MEGA Strip

Step One.  Remove the Stubby holders

Step Two. Load two Stubby Strips with beers

Step Three. Interlock the two Stubby Strips like below

(don’t just wrap one around the other)




Disclosure statement: The Stubby Strip Mega is an after thought to the design of the Stubby Strip. In our testing we are happy that all the samples of Stubby Strips we tested withstood the pressure of 12 bottles in both structure and handle strength however neither the Original and nor the Pocket were designed for this purpose so emphasis have not been placed in strengthening the handle and material around the handle so if you are to use it as a Mega then please ensure that you do your own due diligence on your two Stubby Strips to ensure that they visually look like they can support the additional weight. 

If the product fails due to this usage, we limit any damage to the replacement of the damaged Stubby Strip only.