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We welcome and look forward to your feedback whether it is positive or negative. Please let us know what you think, if it is positive we may use it as part of our testimonials and if negative we will provide you a refund or exchange your product.

We respond to every query but to save you time, does the following common Q&A help you?

*Is Stubby Strip available in AFL range? At this point we only have the NRL range. We will look at AFL as an option next year.


*Can the packs be customised? Unfortunately all packs are pre-packed and ready to ship and they cannot be altered. 


*Can you use StubbyStrips or FlexiKoolers to carry Cans? Both Premium StubbyStrip and FlexiKooler are designed to cater for bottles and Cans so Cans work just as well as bottles.


*I haven't received my order confirmation via email? In some cases the emails that we send you can end up in your junk mail folder so please check there, also you may not receive your email confirmation if you provided an incorrect email address. Please fill the details below and tell us the name and email address you placed your order. We will then send you the confirmation email.


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