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The Stubby Strip Story

The Stubby Strip came to me in a vision of unexpected lucidity after watching a group of mates arrive for a barbeque. All of them were driving so they arrived with 2, 3 or 4 stubbies. Andrew arrived with a beer in each hand, Brian arrived with a plastic shopping bag with three beers, Dave had a partly filled 6 pack. All of the beer was warm. There had to be a better way!

The road to the current model is littered with dozens of failures, but each one better than the last. The original had a single strip of Velcro around the centre and a horizontal handle. I’ve included a photo of the ‘handle prototype’ where I sewed half a dozen handles onto various places to see which worked best. The most recent change was the ‘tear off’ stubby holder.

Then there was the great neoprene challenge. You’d think neoprene is neoprene; not so. There are a huge variety of qualities and thicknesses... 3mm N-Type reverse, 4mm T-Type Standard, double sided, with or without synthetic covering... and so it went.


Then how do you find a manufacturer? I pulled in some old contacts and googled a few new ones in the Philippines, Bangladesh and China.

Then there was getting a hole proof patent (if you’re interested, Google IP Australia to get started), registering a Business Name (the Stubby Strip Company) a tax file number, getting connected up to do business online… and the web site itself that was put together by some absolute rock stars at Jaba.

Then there was designing the packaging, getting a good deal on postage from Australia Post, designing the logo (again, thanks Adrian at Jaba), marketing, setting up a facebook site… tell you what people, go into something like this with a long lead time and lots of enthusiasm.

We think the final product was worth it though; hope you do too.