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We surveys 20K customers on the 14th of Dec, 2014 and over 2200 responded within 3 days. We asked if they had any feedback in relation to their recent order (positive or negative) and the attached is what they said (if you want to read 1500 uncensored responses, click on the PDF below) :) 

"Dad LOVES it! Said it was the best gift he ever received:)" by Jasmine H

"I love this Blokey product. The new Manbag" by Dane W

"Awesome product, well done to the designer and team, great job! As a collector of stubbie coolers (and getting sick of heavy box eskies) this is the perfect solution and makes life a whole lot easier, thank you once again" by BR

"Bloody Well Done...!! Keep up the innovative thoughts...!!" by PB

"It's so Aussie and such an ingenious idea. I can't wait to test it out. Keep the commercial, it's what had me hooked. I was in awe!!" by RC

"great idea love the purple colour :)" by DT

"Great product, well done, good to see Aussie intuition." by CC

"Fabulous communication - thank you. Delivery was on time as well. Can't wait till the gift gets opened & used." by KR

"stock was unavailable, sent an email to enquire when more stock was available. Quick response and then a follow up email when stock became available" by BF

"I think its a great product and would buy it for a gift anytime." by EL

"Brilliant idea! And it's from Aussie!" by GH"

"Great Product, Great Range of Colours, Very reasonably Priced. Well Done !! Will buy more in the future." by DP

"I think it is a brilliant idea and is very well made." by JH

"Great Aussie item, Works a treat" by AT

"The site was easy to navigate and the postage time was fast. All in all we were very happy with the service and the quickness of shipment from time of payment. Thank you." by SR

"Brilliant . Very fast excellent service. Thank you" by DM

"Can't wait to get them :-) and customer service via email was brilliant, thank u" by KD

"What a great idea. I purchased to as gifts for blokes but thinking of getting one myself. Keep up the great work but please bring out more colours or even pictures." by BK

"My husband saw it and thought it was an amazing idea, I ordered it for him as he is so hard to buy for and he has a birthday coming up.. My husband was over the moon and showed other friends who are also interested in buying them" by AQ

"Great idea - could be expanded with a bit of thought. Sports events etc. More advertising as I had never heard of them but great Christmas / Birthday presents!" by JJ

"I think if it was lined with coolant like the stuff they use in headache releif pads you put on your forehead as it is still flexable when frozen you could through it in the freezer and use it when you want .Don't forget the commission?" by RG (PS he wants a commission if you use it this way :))

"Fabulous idea. It's a wonder thousands of people haven't thought of it beforehand!" by JR

"Ordering the stubby strip was very easy & delivery time was very efficient. Thank you very much for this amazing invention!!" by RB

"Brilliant concept - congratulations. Have purchased extra's for our older kids birthdays! Thanks" by DP

"I could not find how long it would take for delivery so I sent an email as 2 of them are for birthday coming very soon. I got an email very quickly saying they would be sent express post. That is fantastic and I am looking forward to getting them. As you stated in your site that you were looking for sales outlet, I have passed your info and video to a brew&bottle business and he seems very keen on stocking stubby strip. Im sure he will be in touch. I live in WA and have never seen stubby strip and it would be a goer here. Thanx guys. John" 

"works very well and great talking point" by FC

"Great customer service arrived in the time it said it would hubby was stoked to get this :) thanks guys" by KK

"the stubby strip is a great idea as it carries up to 7 drinks and its saves you from going to your esky all the time" by KC

"Looks Great will come in handy on long days at the BBQ" by AF

"Extremely happy with the product, ordering system and communication as well as delivery time. Disappointed I couldn't get the cammo finish. (Vietnam Vet)" by TM

"Smooth process, no issues. I struggled to remember the name of the product after I saw it on TV though - I had to google a few variations of stubby holder/carrier etc. I think you need to market this in particular to the NT - Territorians are keen beer drinkers and this is fantastic (I live in the NT)." by LC

"When we had a question in regard to the Stubby Strip we received an answer back (email) very quickly and the proposed solution worked. We haven't received them (3) yet but the product is as good as the service we received i am sure we will be very happy." by RJ

"Good idea good value for money" by CC

"Very happy with your service, and the website was very user friendly" by EH

"Awesome Product. The Males in my family loved it." by LD

"Awesome product with awesome service :)" by TW

"Brilliant idea .....perfect." by AB

"Good fast service,communication right from when i first paid till i received strip. Product better than first described. thank you" by JB

"Advertising is obviously working; our 23yo had all the details and had to tell us everything!" by SG

"Good postage time, the product was exactly what I expected it to be" by TO

"all good, i actually bought 2. all my mates love it and want to get one." by IP

"What an invention! staring right at me for years! man... Great Idea I'm buying a few for me and my mates." by AO

"Great to see Aussies marketing their own ideas. I think yours is a typically Ingenious Aussie Idea and I will be telling the mates. Good Luck." by TM

" Just got my stubbystrip today looks greatputtin to good use already great addition to my tackle bag thanks guys" by CW

"Fantastic product. Web site was easy to use and navigate. TV ad was great too." by SJ

"Happy to be supporting an Australian product." by LP

"Happy with the service and the customer service when I had a problem" by LH

"Keep up the good work!" by AP

"The answer to my e-mail query was very prompt and my package arrived with in time frame. Well done." by JK

"It's a very ingenious product!! The demonstration video is fantastic and shows the versatility if the product. The Facebook page and website both look great, and the website is very easy to use. Looking forward to receiving my order!! :)" by MW

"Love how mentioned that its an Aussie design. Support the Aussies!" by MT

"I cant wait to get it and try it out. I think the idea of putting the frozen bottle of water in as a cooler is excellent helpfull when ya have to drive cause you can have a drink of cold water Inbetween drinks to help keep you under the bac limit" by JC

"Prompt delivery. No fuss." by RB

"About time!!" by BB

"Great gift idea" by AJ


"Its the best thing ever." by MM

"Really liked the video...that sold the product to me!" by JT

"Wonderful service, easy and fair to deal with. All over great experience and would... do ... recommend them and their stubby strip to everyone. Thanks guys it was a great gift and will be buying more" by DE

"What a great invention.Glad you put it on tv or I wouldnt have seen it" by WH

"Purchased two loved them so ordered another for a friend" by GD

"the whole thing was easy and fast. Directions and Ordering took about 3 min! Quick as! and delivery was quick and packed well, no negative here" by AS

"Excellent Idea and great marketing. Keep up the good work!" by VR

"Bloody good idea!!!" - DR

"The Stubbie Strip is amazing! I purchased a few for family and friends that were hard to find Christmas gifts for. They all loved their gift and use their Stubbie Strip whenever they go out. Thanks for an amazing product" by Danielle B

“This invention is up there with the stump jump plough, Hill's Hoist and the great Aussie Ute and I've just ordered one online" - Kevin from Adelaide.

“Great for a picnic in the park” - Julie from Melbourne

"The best thing to happen to beer since the Bottle" by Billy L

"we have purchased 3 already and find that they are a great gift idea for friends / family .." by  Nicole S

"The Stubby strip is the best way to bring beers/cider to any occasion! I love telling everyone about it when they ask what it is" by Timothy T

"This is a versatile, innovative Australian designed product. It's a wonder no one had come up with the concept already." by JACKSON J

"Bought one and its awesome!" - CE

"Best idea. So compact and convenient to carry. Look great after I embroider them to personalise each one" by Michelle R

“I used it for cans of soft drink for the kids the other day and it worked really well.” - Steve from Tasmania

"Genius" - DW

"Great product, well made!!! Will definately recommend." by Frances S

"I purchased the Stubby Strip as gifts for my husband and 4 sons! Party life is easier now... :-)" by Margaret G

"This is amazing!" - TMW

“Why didn’t someone invent this before, it’s sooo obvious” - Declan from England 

"Great to see Aussies marketing their own ideas. I think yours is a typically Ingenious Aussie Idea and I will be telling the mates. Good Luck" - Toni M

"This is a great product." - Fiona A

"Its a great option for the hard to buy for male Also so useful in the car or van when travelling Great aussie ideas in action" - Janelle VK

"Great product.....just love it! thanks" - Kathee B

"This an awesome product, I'm surprised no one thought of it earlier!" - Shawn M

"Great idea.... Love the stubby strip!" - Emily D

"I love my Stubby Strip, I use it at every opportunity.. so easy!" - Kerry R

"Bought for my son-in-law who never goes "out" without his Stubby Strip & tells his mates ALL about it!!!" - Gayle R

"Perfect for the homebrewer, boutique beer drinker or simple someone who doesn't trust their precious nectar with a flimsy, soggy 6 pack holder." - Katelyn K

"Cool idea, all the men in the family have one now :-)" - Katie F